Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jessica does Whole Foods + I'm bored!

How insane is this.
I saw that today, and I thought oh my god, who wants to live like that? It kind of makes me feel slimey for loving celebrity gossip.

In other news, I need to travel more:

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Saturday, April 8, 2006


This month is Cesarean Awareness Month.

Here are some munbers relating to cesarean birth and VBAC

Keep birth safer for mothers and babies. Join ICAN today! There is a special subscription rate for those who join in April. Basic subscription is on sale for $25 (reg. $30) and a professional subscription is only $60 (reg. $80!).

The Burgundy Ribbon
The burgundy color symbolizes birth. The pinning of the ribbon upside down symbolizes the state of distress many pregnant women find themselves in when their right to choose the method of birth for their child is dismissed. The loop of the inverted ribbon represents a pregnant belly with the tails of the ribbon denoting arms outstretched in a cry for help.

Envision a future where babies are born via sugery with anesthesia and without the benefit of labor. Yes, the benefit of labor. Labor usually indicates that the baby is ready to born-- the lungs are matured and the baby is ready to be out of the womb. Uterine contractions massage the baby and stimulate his readiness to breathe in the outside world. Labor allows the baby-- and the mother-- to go through a rite of passage before entering the new life they have together as mother and child. These are just a few benefits of labor and a few reasons why babies and mothers should be allowed to experience this meaningful biological process.

If we, as a civilized nation of people, do not step up and fight for our right, our daughter's right, our sister's and mother's right to birth without surgery, we are not as civilized as we like to think. Some things were not meant to be technological, and the increased use of technology does not always make for a better experience.

Increase maternal and infant health: promote natural, vaginal birth and VBAC.