Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's been busy.
Here's what I've done this month:

We put away our Halloween decorations.

We celebrated our 3/11 anniversaries.

We had a couples pampered chef party, and so we got lots of great stuff on the cheap. Laura, Renae and Dryke stayed over, and it was fun, as always.

Disney on Ice Princess Wishes with Dalisa, JT and Hope. Maya lost Fireball, who ended up running off with Disney on Ice. He came back the next day, though. It's hard to stay away from Room 8.

Bradley Class Reunion...two couples didn't show, which so fell in line with the pattern of that class. It was fun and interesting. Challenging at times. But the babies are adorable!!

Thanksgiving. Lots o' food. Still not speaking to my completely unbalanced cousin, which makes my life smooooth. Believe it or not, it's generally pretty easy to avoid talking to someone even when they are in the same (small) room--or sitting at the same table--as you. Try it sometime. Pick someone you absolutely cannot stand and then pretend they don't exist. It can be quite lovely, I assure you.

Black Friday with my mom and Heather. No photos of that, but trust me when I say it was insane, as always. And really, I only got two things that were on sale, so was it worth waking at 4:15am? Not really. But it's really the only time my mom, my sister and I spend together anymore during the year.

Zoolights with the Lappins.

Wayne has been home more because the man he took care of for so many weekends passed away while we were away for our anniversary. He misses the guy, who he grew close to, but he's happy to have his weekends back again. Don't even ask me how stressed I am about money.

And now November is over.
So much to do in December...

Friday, November 2, 2007


No NaBloPoMo participation from me this year, I guess.

Yesterday was day one of NaBloPoMo, and I completely flaked it already, which I think is a sign that I will fail many times this month.
It is just too busy around here for me to absolutely post daily.
Plus, we are doing our yearly get away, and I hate to worry about mobile posting, since there is no internet service (or a phone) where we go.

I have to say a feel a great sense of relief to not do NaBloPoMo this year.

Maybe next year...