Friday, June 1, 2012

harder better faster stronger

It's been awhile.  Blogger looks different.  Hm.  

A month ago I began a fitness challenge.  I didn't adhere to the structure of the group like I'd hoped.  I worked out a lot less than was expected, but I was damn near militant with my diet.  

On May 1st we had a fit test:  Run 200 meters, do 15 air squats, do 10 pushup, do 5 body rows x 5 sets.  My times was 18:25, and I was dyyyyiiinggg.  Here's what I posted to the fb group that day:

Okay, I am much more out of shape than I thought. I did the workout, cooled down because my hr was high. I wanted to just stop and sit but knew not to. After cooling down, I did sit down. On the couch. With my blankie. Forty minutes later, my husband woke me up. Now I'm wheezing. And that, my friends, is the ugly truth of how my first workout looked.

It was a bad, bad day.  

Today I did the exact same workout in 10:23!  Fantastic! I also don't feel like dying.  I've lost 7lbs total and lost 3.5" from my waist.  I haven't measured my arms and legs yet.  The whole family was on the nutrition plan, and we've all slimmed up.  We plan to continue it with a few minor tweaks (Maya will cry if she isn't able to get some cheese once in awhile).  

I did have two cookies today, but I don't feel a need for more.  That was plennnty.  I was supporting a friend's kids' bake sale.