Monday, August 8, 2011

summer 11

Summer has been a combination of a whirlwind of activity with a few days of laziness (love those days!).

The weather has been less than summery, but we get an 80* day here every once in awhile.  Currently, I am freezing my ass off and delaying a walk outside under the thick gray clouds.  I'd much rather it be sunny and slightly warm.  That would be far more motivating.

Maya is on her third week in a row of camp: she had Girl Scout resident camp followed by Girl Scout day camp last week and now this week is volleyball day camp.  For the next two and a half weeks, we got nothin' going on, though.  School shopping, I guess.  Maybe a trip to Spokane to see some old friends.  I feel like I have to fit in a hike or two.  If I don't plan in advance, though, and sucker someone else to go with me, I'll just putter around the house washing laundry, cleaning floors and avoiding the bigger, more overwhelming jobs that need to be done around here: the office, my bedroom closet, always the garage, and the desktop computer set-up upstairs, which will require a go-through of my hope chest, which is filled with my kids' memorabilia.

The stress level among me and Wayne is about an 8/10.  This weekend was great because we got to hang with our friends and forget that Monday through Friday cloud that decided to hang over our heads last week.  The weekend was great until we got home last night an realized that the next morning brought upon us yet another Monday.  Is it Friday yet?  If it could just get here, like, in the blink of an eye, I think we would both be very happy people.  Walking around all day every day with a knot in one's stomach is never a good feeling.

We have a night out planned this upcoming weekend.  The boys are doing security at an event in Silverdale, and it's so dorky because I always make fun of security at events, but I think it's kinda hot.  The weekend should be fun, I hope.  Everybody's working for the weekend, they say... ("they" would be Loverboy).