Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The kids are all in school, and it's lovely.

Paige started community college last week, and so far, it's okay.  She put off getting me the info on her books, so she has no books yet; they should be here Friday.
We ordered her books through, which had the best prices, by far, on the textbooks she needed.  I was so, so happy because her math book was $180 at the bookstore but was only $90 through  Their prices beat all the other sites I checked out.

I started a new class series last week, and I now have two couples.  I thought I was going to have three couples, which would have been fantastic, but I am pleased with two couples.  I think I have a good read on most people, and I can tell, usually right away, whether my class and I are going to jive, and this class--they rock.  I love their energy and their inquisitiveness.  I have a good feeling.  Plus, I am supposed to have two couples returning for refresher classes during this series as well, which should provide some good energy. 

I'm continuing to lose weight; I think I've hit a point where it's very noticeable because I get comments almost daily from people about my weight.  It feels good to hear, but it's also awkward.  How does one respond to compliments on one's weight loss?  I weighed in at 130.4 this morning, so I am about to lose a point.  I'm doing Weight Watcher's point plan, so I get 20 points a day right now; once I get into the 120s, I'll only get 19 points.  That should happen next week (I weigh in on Wednesdays).

I'm not yet committed to my weight loss, so I won't buy new clothes.  I'm cheap like that.  Everything I own is big on me: shirts, pants, bras, underwear... it's rather unflattering, but I have to admit that there is something comforting in wearing baggy clothes.  

Wayne and I went to Pearl Jam last weekend, and it was, quite simply, the most amazing concert.  I am ready to go to PJ every time they come to town.  My next concert is U2 and The Black Eyed Peas in Vancouver, BC.  I had to get a passport, which I've never had before, in order to get across the border.  Because my parents like to complicate things, I ended up having to send in extra documentation to prove that I am me.  Fortunately the 15 documents and 2 affidavits I sent in were enough to prove that I am me, and my passport arrived about 10 days later.  Yea!  Now I can go to Paris!  But I'm not...I'm going to Canada, which shouldn't be as exciting...but it is. 

My next international trip will be Mexico in January 2011, so this weight loss thing, it has to be maintained for awhile.