Saturday, March 29, 2008

spring break

There's supposed to be more snow tonight. None of it sticks around, but it is so weird to have snow--big fluffy flakes-- falling from the sky in late March.

Wayne is at a Bruce Springsteen concert as I type. I like Bruce Springsteen okay; my mom had Born in the USA--the one with his butt with the flag stripes as a background-- back in the 80's. That was probably the only Springsteen album I ever listened to, and that was only because my mom would play it. I never sought to listen to him on my own. Our neighbor had an extra ticket, and Wayne never gets to just go do some guy type stuff with another guy, so went he did.

And even though I'm not a huge adoring fan of The Boss, I think it's cool Wayne gets to go see him live because he is definitely an iconic artist. Plus, I hear his new stuff is really good. Again-- I won't seek it out to listen to it, but I hear tell, anyway.

I, on the other hand, watched My Girl 2 and Aloha, Scooby-Doo with Maya. My Girl 2 was really unnecessary. I liked it well enough, but My Girl was such a great movie that there was no way a sequel could ever hold up next to it. Though I did cry when Vada watched the old movies of her mom. And who doesn't love Anna Chlumsky? I looked her up on IMDB to see what she's been up to lately, and she is in a movie I've been looking forward to watching on HDNet called Quid Pro Quo. She really hasn't done a heck of a lot on film lately, though.

And you know, Scooby-Doo is always the same...those darn meddling kids!

We watched both using Netflix's Watch Instantly feature. I love Netflix. So, we hook the computer to the TV to watch a movie "instantly." Right now I am having some difficulty watching the Pixie's documentary loudQUIETloud because my computer connection slowed down. That's kind of a pain in the ass, and an unusual experience. It says I have about 10 more minutes before it will start playing again..sigh. So annoying, but it's FREE (well, aside from our membership).

I also plan to watch some of This American Life the TV series tonight. And they have the first two seasons of Weeds available to watch instantly. And a new horror flick (remake) called April Fool's Day. So many choices! If you have Netflix and have not yet explored the Watch Instantly feature, you must check it out.

6 minutes.

Because I am tired of never doing anything over spring break, I decided that we would make it work for us to go to the Oregon coast for a couple of nights this week. It's going to make for a tight week financially, but I'll make it work. Hell, gas to get there and back is going to cost us almost as much as the damn hotel! That is so insane. I hate paying for gas; I wish I had a Smart Car.

Anyway, we're going to take Maya down to Depoe Bay, and we hope for some breaks from rain and cold. And snow. Weather says it should be mostly sunny, but we'll see. Wayne wants to go on a whale watching tour, but I have visions of the whales attacking our boat and tipping us into the frigid sea. I just want to get some good pictures and look at some tide pools.

Yea! The movie started up!

Paige isn't going with us, and Brittani is in California with her mom road tripping, so it will just be the three of us. I even told Paige she could bring a friend to get her to come, but nooooo... she'd rather stay home and __________. I guess I did, too, when I was seventeen-almost-eighteen.

I have a Bradley class reunion tomorrow at 4; I'm really excited! This is a way delayed reunion because this class' reunion should have happened during my seasonal funk period, so it didn't happen. You know, I was holed up under a rock at the time.
My last couple from my last class just hadtheir baby last week. :-) I need to contact them to see how it went, but from their email, it seems it went well!
My next series is coming together nicely, which I am grateful for.

Okay...back to the flick.


Shan said...

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...
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renae said...

Oh my goodness... you removed a comment from your blog? Was it hate mail or an ad for penile enhancement? Post the whale photos please.

renae said...

Where are you? You must post quickly or you will have gone an entire month without posting and that would make it akward to return to posting... or is that thank you notes?