Sunday, October 5, 2008

so it's been awhile...

God, life is crazy right now. Actually, I expect it to mellow out a bit now that we're comfortably into the school year. I don't have a class in session right now, but I hope to have one Oct 20th. None of the teachers around here are getting very many inquiries. It's very odd. I had to cancel my September class, and I have never had to do that.

I've been talking and talking and talking about applying as a substitute paraeducator with the school district, and I finally finished my cover letter and resume last week. I was waiting for my transcripts from TCC to complete my resume, and guess what?

I only need a 100 level math and a natural science (with lab) class to get my Associate's degree.

Two measley classes.

I am thinking about taking chemistry online, and then that leaves math. Good ol' math. I dropped my last math class twice and never did complete it, and that was math 99, I believe. I still didn't make it to 100 level math in 2 years. That is how bad I am with math.

So my conundrum is, do I bite the bullet and take those last two classes, or do I just stay this close to to finishing. Well, finishing that step anyway.

And then I found what I want to go on to afterwards:

I just paid off my piddly little student loan in August, and I really don't want to get another one going; however, with only about $1,000, I can be half-way towards a BA. A full quarter of classes at UW-Tacoma is $2, 244, which would end up being a $20,000 endeavor, if my poor math skills are at all accurate this time.


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renae said...

NO! Don't take chemistry! Take geology. It will be much more fun, and you won't find it stressful. I took an online chem course and it stressed me out because it was hard to get concepts explained via the internet. I only got half as much out of it as I got out of the higher level science course (micro biology?) that I took on campus. It has been so long since I've blogged or read a blog. I can't believe how much I've missed.