Wednesday, January 4, 2012


What shall I do this year to make the most of my final year on this earth?  I have until Dec 21st.

Well, we started the year off nicely.  Friends gathered, imbibed, danced, talked for hours and celebrated at midnight (and well past, for some)  I hope a good time was had by all.  We weren't even terribly hung over the next morning--It was a New Year's Miracle!!

We kept Maya home from school on Monday, which was a federal holiday that Wayne, and almost every other red-blooded American had off since the actual holiday fell on a Sunday.  It was a very smart move because that extra day of break was desperately needed.  It was the one normal-feeling day of the entire break: no where to rush off to and nothing to prepare for.  Just relax, catch up on homework that was ignored the rest of the break and in bed by 8pm.

And now we're back to life as usual.  Good bad or indifferent.

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Renae said...

I love how you fall back on patriotism when you keep Maya home from school. Please tell Paige I wish she'd made it to your party. She might have stirred things up even more... or less.