Monday, March 27, 2006

In case you care, the ICAN board meeting went well. I adore Jess and Rachael so much, and they have such a passion for healthy birth that it's hard not to get psyched about it when I'm with them. We decided to make our monthly goals less ambitious, which is a good idea. Jess is leaving in a few months--once her year-in-service :-) is up.

We talked about having a myspace for our ICAN group; we're unsure if we're able to do that, however.

I teach class 12 tonight. I have adored this class tremendously. They are smart, witty and inquisitive. Two couples have had their babies: one was a homebirth(baby boy) and one was at St Joseph (baby girl). Both were amazing births, and I am so happy for them. They all look so happy to have their babes in arm.

I start another series April 24th.

Renae and Dryke had their baby, Laura, last Thursday. I finally called Renae yesterday, and she sounded great. She pushed for SIX HOURS!!! My gawd! I am in awe of her. Laura was 8lb3oz and I think they said 22" long. She was acynclitic, which means baby's head was tilted in a listening position. I think Renae is AMAZING! I'm sure Dryke must have been an awesome partner, too. We are going to visit them on Tuesday, when the kids get out of school.

Laura is a beautiful baby, too.

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