Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brittani's Big Deal

Last night was the ninth grade dance, which is the end of the year dance for all ninth graders in our district. Six junior high schools, which is easily 1,500+ kids.

Brittani went with three friends; they had dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant, then we drovethem to the dance. The dance was lame, apparently, but Britt really seemed to enjoy the primping and posing part of the night.

Here's a slideshow, but you can go through the pictures here, if you don't feel like sitting through a slideshow.

Eight more years until the next ninth grade dance. Whoo-hoo!

Oh, I forgot to add: when we dropped them off at the dance, which was held at the fairgrounds, there were a ton of parents across the street from the entrance-- it looked like a swarm of Suburban Paparazzi. The last picture in the slideshow was of one of the most stylish guys that I saw at the dance. Seriously. I would love one of my girls to go to a dance with aguy dressed like that: pink spiked mohawk, tux jacket of some type with a red kilt. So much better than those guys who try to look like pimps. What is that about anyway? Why do the girls tolerate that? Anyway, I was hanging out the window taking pictures, and he says, "This is really freaking me out. All these people hanging out of ccars taking pictures. It's freaky." So I took a picture of him-- though it's blurry and poorly executed.

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Renae said...

Brittani looks gorgeous, and her hair is so shiny. How did they make her hair so shiny? I can't believe that girls get their hair, make up and nails done before dances now... but that's an entirely different discussion. Can you even imagine what our parents would have said to us? :)