Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's June, which means crazy times at my house.
The end of school is just hectic, and I hate it, but I do love summer.

We got some great news this past week: we got into the co-op for next year, which means we are not going to be at the brand-spankin' new multi-million dollar school, but we will be in an awesome program in an old run-down school. My friend, Stacy, whose son is in class with Maya this year and who also got into the 1st grade co-op, said it's like a private school within the public school. And it's free. It's so true. This year in the co-op has been simply awesome.

I really didn't think our program was that different from the rest of the classes, but I worked field day this week, which gave me a comparison. I only worked with the kinders, and I was shocked that there were kinders in the other classes (one class in particluar) who couldn't write their names! It's the end of the year! Maya's class, which is full day (I was working with morning kinders and our full day) and has heavy parent involvement (we have to work 90 hours/year and at least 30 of those hours have to be contact hours meaning working with the kids rather than taking home a project that needs to be completed) is reading-- all of them. It's amazing.

The classes are multi-age classes, too, and it's multi-age in philosophy not just because there is overflow. Maya already knows the 1/2 teacher, which is great. The class ize is only, like, 20 kids instead of 30. There was a parent who toured the co-op with us last year who said she was putiing her kid in the co-op because his regular class was just so crowded.

And the field trips...ah. A field trip (or more) a month instead of two or three field trips a year. So exciting.

ALso, on the education front, Paige brought up all her grades. Hallelujah! She also registered at the other high school, which she will be attending next year. Paige and Brittani will each be at different high schools next year. It should be fine, though.

I'm hoping that Paige will be able to bring her car home this weekend.

She also passed the reading and writing portion of the WASL. She didn't pass math, but I wasn't concerned about that because I thought the legislature decided to hold off on requiring passing math in order to graduate, but that's not what the paper said that was sent with the WASL results. I'm confused. They can't make it black and white; it's always so gray.

Paige got her annual this week, too, which was bigger than a textbook. It took me about an hour to just flip through the pages. I'm freaking about how quickly the next two years will fly by, and then my oldest baby will be a high school graduate. I get all emotional just thinking about it. That will also be the year of my 20th high school reunion. That's freaky, too.

Brittani is getting ready to go to the Big Dance next week. She is all ready to go. Tuesday she'll get her mani-pedi and her eyebrows waxed; she has reservations at a great restaurant by PLU for dinner with her three friends. I am so excited for her! She's going to have so much fun.

And then next year, she is at the high school. Two kids in high school. How did that happen?

There is still a week left of school. Yuck. I told them they don't have to go to the last day.

In a few weeks, Paige has a cousin coming to visit (at her dad's) from Kansas. We have a cousin coming to visit from SC. Maya and I are going on a girls-only camping trip with a friend and her daughter. Maya is planning a "pool party" at our house to celebrate the beginning of summer. We bought a pool that is 20x12x4 that will hopefully fit in our backyard. Maya also has a couple of camps to go to and swim lessons. Tonight is her bridging ceremony from Daisy Girl Scouts to Brownies.

I love summer.


Renae said...

The 20th reunion has been on my mind a lot. I still have to write my novel and get in shape... or, I can just get pregnant about seven months before the reunion so that I don't have to do any of that and no one will think I'm fat. I would never get bring a child into this world so that I don't have to diet before my reunion, but it does sort of fit into my five year plan. Also, who's coming to this big pool party?

Shan said...

Wow that's great Maya got into the co-op program it sounds fabulous!

Kerri said...

The co-op sounds fabulous! I need to check around here to see if they have something like that. Have a wonderful summer!

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