Sunday, September 23, 2007


Wayne and I went to see Shawn Mullins last week. He was at The Triple Door, and I realized when we were sitting there waiting for the concert to start that we have moved into another demographic. Long gone are the days of getting to the front of the crowd, smashed up against the barrier, moshing and crowd surfing. Yes, I did all that, at one time.

Now I prefer sitting in a comfortable seat while sipping a drink (mojitos made with rum and champagne, that night). It was very nice.

Not that I don't like to listen to heavier music, but if I do, I'll take a seat over gen admission any day. When Foo comes back to town, which is inevitable since their new CD releases on Tuesday, I know Wayne and I will so be there. Love The Foo.

Anyway, Shawn Mullins, alone on stage with just his mic and guitar, was fabulous. We'd never seen his show before, but we've been listening to him since, jeez, since we've been together (1996).

I'd like to go back to The Triple Door to see The Paperboys, who we saw at the concerts in the park this summer, and I'd like to go see The Burlesque Nutcracker in December. I think The Triple Door is my new favorite place to go for Date Night. Oh, and the food was great (we ordered the Phoenix and Dragon, which was a prawns and scallops dish...yum) as was the service.

Ummmm....what else is new?

I painted the family room and kitchen. I did a wall treatment, and I have to admit, it looks awesome. I am totally ready to paint the rest of the house, but I have no idea what color(s) to use. I'll upload pics later.

Wayne is waiting on pins and needles for his new toy. Yep. The iPod Touch. 16GB. He notified me yesterday that it is leaving China. We're hoping it will get here by Monday and no later than Tuesday.
Exciting stuff...and just in time for the new Foo Fighters CD. How perfect is that?

Finally, and most importantly, really, this past week my cousin came home, safe and sound, from Iraq. We had dinner with him and his family this past week at my mom and dad's, and it was just really good to see him. We're very happy that he's home.

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Can't wait to see the pictures.