Saturday, February 9, 2008

caucus 2008

Maya and their support for Hillary


Wayne and I went to our caucus today; it was crazy!!!

There were hundreds of people packed into the school where we were caucusing (?). Barack Obama kicked butt in our precinct: 50-26. My mom's precinct's numbers were similar. He really has a ton of momentum right now; if you go to his campaign store, everything is sold out and on backorder!

It was so fun to participate in the caucus, though; the energy was high. There were heated debates going on all around us. Cheering, yelling. It was fun. Wayne signed up to be a delegate to the Legislative District caucus and the County Conference-- both in April.

Sadly (depending upon your opinion, I guess), it was me and a bunch of (well, 25) elderly women who were voting for Hillary. After they voted, most of the elderly women left, which left me and 8 other women who had to try to get 1/2 of an Obama delegate to go towards Clinton. Yeah, right. Didn't happen. Barack got to keep his 1/2 and took Hillary's, too. Our precinct is sending 7 Obama delegates and 3 Clinton delegates.

I tried to spread the word about the caucus today, and it seemed like I may have actually had an effect-- I know at least three people who attended the caucus today because of my small effort. Yea, me!

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