Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late VD

Valentine's Day was low-key for us this year. We were unable to drop a couple hundred bucks on dinner this year, which was a bit of a bummer, but on the other and, what kind of an idiot spends a couple hundred bucks on dinner.

Wayne did buy me these beautiful chocolates:

They were so pretty that I resisted eating them...until I tasted one. They are so good! I have two chocolates left: cardamom and champagne. They were my two favorite flavors. I nibbled on every piece and have been eating them in order of preference. I'm saving the best for last, of course (champagne). It really does taste like champagne, too. Yum.

I made some cupcakes for Valentine's Day. I thought they turned out quite nicely. I impulsively bought a heart-shaped silicone cupcake pan that I will probably only use once a year, so I stayed up late on the 13th making six cupcakes at a time.

The next night, Wayne and I went out to dinner--something we haven't done in quite awhile. We decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, which we haven't been to in months.

It's always nice to have an evening to go out without any kiddos.
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Shan said...

Those chocolates look beautiful.