Saturday, August 29, 2009

try tri

Last night after we got home from doing some strength training at the Y, I did something I haven't done since, I swear, high school, when Friday's PE class was a day of forced running. 
Yes, I ran.
Me. Running. Nothing chasing me. 
It's bizarre, I know.  I didn't run far, but I ran continuously; I'm going to check my distance today...the route was around a small part of my neighborhood. I even ran up a little hill.  It was amazing. 

And it was raining. I was running in the rain, and it felt pretty good. 

Why was I running, even though I was not being chased by a bear or a mad man? 

I am considering participating in a mini--or sprint--triathlon. .5 mile swim; 11-ish mile bike and 3 mile run.  My biggest obstacle at this point is gear.  Do you know how much gear one needs for a triathlon?  And it's all expensive!  I have my eye on the Danskin Triathlon next year--an all woman triathlon.  There are other sprint triathlons in our area with similar distances (the bike distance seems to vary the most), but the Danskin Tri just seems like the right one.

The morning after I started to entertain the idea of doing the DT, we were at spin class at 5:30am, and this woman walks in--a bigger woman, definitely not your stereotypical triathlete physique--and she is wearing the DT shirt.  I don't remember ever seeing her at a previous spin class with us (we're one of "the regulars" now--our spin teacher calls us the Dynamic Duo...Ha).  It was a sign, I tell you!

So now I need to incorporate some running and swimming into my life.

Swimming.  I have never been a stroke swimmer.   Well, I would do a few sloppy strokes, stop and chat.  Play around. I've never been a stroke and lap swimmer, I guess.  32 laps in a 25yd pool is half a mile.  I have no idea when I'm going to try the swim portion.  I better get my butt in the water soon, though!  I need a suit, and some triathletes wear, like, wetsuits for the swim. The water in the lakes here in western Washington doesn't warm up too well usually.  A regular suit runs about $80, but a wetsuit...that's a lot more money. 

The bike...I know I can do 11 miles no problem--unless it is all vertical.  That could be a challenge. Hilly or flat, I need a new bike. Badly.  And bike shoes.  Easily $1000 for a bike and shoes.  In fact, that's a very low-end estimate. 

The run.  New shoes that are actually designed for running will cost around $100...maybe a bit more.

There are photos from the DT in Seattle here.  Women of all shapes and sizes.
I can do this.

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