Thursday, January 28, 2010


My (adult) child was served with a summons about two weeks ago.
A law office representing the school district has been trying to reach her for months because she is a witness to an event they are being sued over, but she has been ignoring their calls.  I guess there's no ignoring a summons.

I took her in today, and she did her thing (I waited in a waiting area).  Half an hour later, the attorneys for the district (defendant) and the plaintiff  said their good-byes to us, and we were on our way.

The trial is scheduled for March 22, 2010, but Paige isn't yet sure if she'll have to actually testify.


Renae said...

Paige is always close to something, huh? I think I remember hearing about this... is she testifying that the students did agree to be quoted? I can just imagine it... Paige "I didn't HEAR ANTYHING...." Attorney "but you were there when the conversation..." Paige "DUH! I DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING...."

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