Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We've gotten to the point with my grandma, I think, that she needs a lot more care and attention.

I stayed the night with my grandparents last night to give my grandpa a night of respite; he's been her 24-hr caregiver, and it's really affecting him.  She requires more care now than before, and it is exhausting.

I slept with my grandma and got up with her during the night, which was often.  We went to bed at 12:00am, and she was up at 1:30am, 3:00am, and 4:30am.  She was finally up for the day at 7:00am.  Each time she wanted to be out of bed, we were up for about half an hour.  I am tired today.  I totally get why my grandpa is just completely exhausted; this has been her schedule for weeks now, and sometimes it's a more erratic sleeping schedule than last night.

We're going to try an every third night sleepover schedule to continue to give my grandpa so time off of caregiving.  My mom, my grandpa and I all will all alternate nights sleeping with grandma and getting up with her through the night.

She's declining steadily now, but she's not in any pain.

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renae said...

Your GMa and Sam are on the exact same sleeping pattern. Maybe I should send him to her house.