Tuesday, December 28, 2010

36 in a 25

Last week I got my first pullover and subsequent ticket in, oh, 14 years.  Ugh. I was so annoyed with myself!

It was in an area where I never speed (can't say that anymore), and I was cited for 11 over the speed limit (36 in a 25), which I guess means it will effect my insurance.

I was driving from a friend's house, was in a good mood, had my Christmas music blaring (it was 4 days before Christmas) while I sang along loudly; I wasn't paying any attention to my speed, but I quickly realized I was going too fast (it looked like 40mph on my speedometer).  I immediately slowed down, and that was when I saw the police car.  Too late.  I had literally gone 2 blocks.

He pulled out into the road, flipped on his lights, so I pulled over and hoped he was getting the guy behind me instead. If only I were so fortunate. Instead, he stopped behind me, and I reached down for my purse.  It wasn't on my floorboard where I usually keep it.  I looked in the back.  Nope.

Ugh.  It was at my friend's house.

I figured that I was going to really get a huge ticket for not having a license on me.  Luckily I had just put our new insurance card in my car (our policy renews the beginning of every December and June).  He gave me a pass on the no license thing, but I did get a $154 ticket.  Did I mention that was 4 days before Christmas?  Who sets up a speedtrap 4 days before Christmas in a tough economy?  No mercy, I tell ya.  Well, I guess there was a little mercy.

I vacillated between laughing and nearly crying over the whole thing.

I plan to ask for a deferment, and I hope the judge will agree to that.

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