Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The annual hunt

Well, my December attempt at NaBloPoMo is already a total BUST, but I am okay with that.  Who the hell tried to do daily blogging (while not getting paid) during the holidays?  Crrrazzzy. 

Today we got our Christmas tree.  Every year (with a couple exceptions) we go to the same place: Cox Christmas Trees in Eatonville.  We've been going there since, I swear, 1992.  My parents moved to Eatonville in 1992, and I think that's the only place we've ever gone for a tree.  The people who own it are so cool. 

The weather held out for us today: it was warm (50*) and sunny, which never happens for us on a tree hunt day.  We got it home, stood, lit and decorated in record time.  By 6:15pm, we were sitting down to eat dinner, and the tree was all done. 

This was the first year that Paige wasn't with us to get the tree and help decorate it.  It was a little bit of a bummer, but it's okay.  I'm prepared to only take Maya with us next year to get a tree.

Paige and Harrison have leased and apartment and will be moving in January; next Christmas Paige will be finding and decorating her own Christmas tree!  I'm proud of my kid; she's taking good care of herself.  I just wish she would get her ass back to school. 

Wednesday is the day when I go visit my grandpa.  It's our standing date, and he looks forward to it every week--as do I.  The holidays are hard for anyone who has lost a loved one; today was three months since my grandma died.  While people all around him are putting up their Christmas decor, my grandpa has chosen to not do any of that.  No tree, no lights, nothing.  I know my grandma would be very sad to know that he's checked out of Christmas this year, but I get it.

He's trying to figure out what to do for Christmas this year.  My grandparents' usual Christmas eve was spent at their church's candlelight service, then they would go home and exchange gifts and then just chill out around the house until we all arrived Christmas day.

This Christmas looks to be a very lonely holiday for my grandpa. 

My mom invited my grandpa over for Christmas eve dinner, which is always spectacular.  He's of course welcome to come over as early as he'd like on Christmas day, too.  I'm kicking around the idea of having my family attend the church service with him on Christmas eve, too. 

My grandma dying has changed everything holiday in my family. 

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