Thursday, December 1, 2011

My "I" post

Mexico was awesome.

I met my goal (125) by the time we left for our trip.

I gained 5lbs while on our all-inclusive (food and drinks--alcoholic and non-alcoholic) trip, but I am already down 2lbs (we've been home for 3 weeks).

I signed up for boot camp *again*, and I was dry-heaving a few times during the 90-minute class this past Monday.  Wednesday was better.  I do not recommend 3 weeks without exercise.

I really want to try CrossFit, but Wayne is not digging that idea.

Also, I've decided that I totally would be down with lipo and tummy tuck.  Please, Santa?

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renae said...

Wow! That's awesome, and I'm inspired to start eating vegetables again. Also, I hear that if you remove weight from one spot in your body you'll likely gain it back in another, and most times it's not in your breasts.
People talk about gaining it under their arms or on their thights. Just saying.