Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's over

Christmas is over!!!
The weeks leading up to Xmas are always so stressful for me; I'm happy when it's over, and I am so ready to put all the Xmas decor away for another 11 months.
That is what I got for Xmas from Wayne. It is so sweet and so confusing!!! He went waaayyy over our agreed upon budget for each other. I think he likes to make me look bad. But I'm not complaining because it has taken me 6 months to save the money for this camera, and now I can find something else to buy with that money! Like, a book that tells me how to use the damn thing. Or classes on using such a complicated piece of equipment.
I bought him a PSP and a couple of games. Lame compared to the Canon Rebel XT.
The kids got a ton of stuff, but Paige said that one of her friends got "12 Abercrombie outfits, a pink razor phone and a snowboard." She was highly disappointed that her Xmas wasn't as bountiful as her friend's, I think. I may be wrong. I hope I'm wrong.
I am gearing up for a class starting January 9th. I have an almost-full class: 4 couples. I have room for one more and two couples who are interested in filling the slot. It's a matter of whose deposit gets here first!
I have a lot of stuff to do before class begins. I'll try to not save it all for last minute, which is what I usually do!

Paige and Britt are now with their other parents (OP) for the rest of vacation, which means it's just me and Maya. Life is more laid back without the older two because they always need to be driven to places and need money. It's exhausting. I'm actually still in my cozy jammies that my mommy & daddy gave to me for Xmas.
So Wayne, Maya and I went and saw Narnia last night. It was so good! It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, and I really didn't see the Christian-ness of it. Now I am grown and an admitted agnostic married to an admitted Atheist, and the Christian-ness of the movie was a little gag worthy. It's still a good story, though. I'm a bit inspired to re-readthe book, but that's what is said when LOTR came out. I never read Tolkien before (he was an author for those D&D dorks), and I still haven't. I really would like to, though. Honestly, I can't even get through an issue of Vanity Fair before the next issue comes out. How ever am I going to read Tolkien?

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