Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's raining and lovely

I love the rain and dark days, which is why I am perfectly suited for the PNW. I don't seem to have SAD; although, I do get bummed at times. It's usually not so bad that a good bit of chocolate...or sex... won't make it all better.

So I was perusing through various blogs searching for Bradley stuff (yes, this is in lieu of actually working), and I came across a blog from a guy in Bellevue who took a Bradley class. He is in a band and was beginning a gig, when he got the call that his wife's BOW had broken 5 weeks premature. He finished his gig and met her at the hospital since PROM doesn't always mean labor is going to start right away. Anyway, I click one of his band links, and it leads me to a band that is fronted by my husband's old guitar teacher. Very funny!

Yesterday, I was on my cousin's myspace, and I saw she had Himsa as a friend. Himsa is fronted by a guy I was friends with in high school, and I decide to see if he has a myspace, which he does. From there, I end up on a group for present and former Salish Lodge employees and came across another person I went to high school with. It's all very tangled and intertwined. I guess that's the point of myspace, though.

My sister was contacted via myspace yesterday by someone from her past. It's scary. Scary weird, you know.

It's still raining hard and steady. It's the kind of rain that leaves slashes on my windows. I love the sound of rain beating strong against glass. It's comforting on some level.

I think I'll leave the house today. I was home all day yesterday except to run Wayne's PT clothes to him and to get dinner. I have a desire to spend money this day.

btw, it has taken me three tries to get this damn post posted properly. text keeps getting deleted upon publishing. ARGH!

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