Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We were supposed to go on a playdate today with Shawn and Bella. We haven't seen them since before Xmas, and we used to get together at least once sometimes twice a week. Every time Shawn and I make a date to get together, something comes up. Fogotten dental appts or other annoying appointments. Today was the day, though. But Maya threw up. So it's Disney movies and vegging for us today.

One of my couples had their baby last Wednesday. It was a wondeful thing! They did a homebirth and it went quite smoothly. She tore pretty good, but other than that, all is well. They plan to come to the next class to show off their baby, Kazumichi. I don't know if it's Kazu Michi or Kazumichi.

Class 9/12 next week. I'm getting people signed up for my April class now, too.

Brittani is with her mom for the next two weeks while her stepdad, Tim, is back from Iraq.

Damn. My aunt just called. My grandma is back inthe hospital because when they tried to place her port for her chemo, they punctured her lung. That bites.

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