Thursday, February 16, 2006

Melting Pot

Last night Wayne and I went to The Melting Pot for dinner. It was delish, as always. They make the best mojitos, btw.

We were talking as our waiter, Aaron, was prepping the pot for the cheese appetizer; I was mentioning that I was having a hack of a time finding a speaker for our next ICAN of Tacoma meeting. Wayne said, "Penny said she couldn't, right?" and I said, "Palmer, not Penny." Our waiter pipes in: "I know Penny. Well, a Penny" Penny is, of course, Penny Simpkin. I chuckled because why on earth would a waiter at the melting pot know who Penny is?!?

Apparently his wife is working towards becoming a doula and recently had twins. I asked, "were they born vaginally?" I don't think I've ever said "vaginally" over dinner to a waiter before. Indeed, they were. They used Dr. Elizabeth Sanford and birthed at St. Joseph Medical Center, which offers waterbirth. Bitchin'. They couldn't have a water birth because it was twins, but still. Very cool. It is difficult to find an OB who will attend a vaginal twin birth!

Wayne wondered what his wife's name might be, and I guessed Sara(h). When Aaron came back, I asked his wife's name just because I may bump into her at some point.
Sara(h) Holmes is her name.

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