Tuesday, February 7, 2006

It's February

I love February! Mostly because of Valentine's Day. I love flowers, chocolates and going out for a nice dinner. Without kids.

I have a funeral to attend this week. My dear aunt Mary Lou passed away Saturday after a long battle with cancer. It's terribly sad, as most deaths are. She's my grandma's sister, and my grandma spent the last week of Lou's life inthe hospital or at home resting after colon surgery. They were very close, and I know my grandma is so upset that she was unable to spend time with her at the end of her days.

My aunt was married to my Uncle Eddie for over 50 years. They've been together since they were, like, 15 & 16. How is my uncle going to get through this? Their son lives very near to them, but he is pretty much housebound and depressed. Their daughter, who is my age (their son is my mom's age!) lives in Virginia, where her DH is from. Eddie and Teresa are very close, but Eddie and Steve not so much. I hope Eddie gets through this okay.

My gosh! Maya just lost her first tooth! We discovered the loose tooth on Sunday during the Super Bowl. It was really loose, and I thought it would come out yesterday. She doesn't seem old enough to be losing teeth.
This is kind of a goofy picture, but you can see the empty space that once held a sweet little baby tooth.

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