Saturday, December 2, 2006

you can get anything you want...

Maya and I just finished watching Alice's Restaurant. If you don't know what Alice's Restaurant is, you have horrible parents. No lie. As it is for many people, Alice's Restaurant is a Thanksgiving tradition for my family; I used to roll my eyes when mom would put the record on, but it always made me laugh. Arlo's a funny guy. And I used to think he was cute-- just look at the album cover. He was cute.

For all the times I have listened to Alice's Restaurant, I don't think I've ever seen the movie. I'm sure I have, but it isn't in my memory bank.

I liked it. It was sad. Maya said to me, "Don't cry mommy..." I didn't expect it to be so sad. I was really impressed at how well it has held up; it didn't seem dated--especially with our troops endlessly serving in Iraq.

There was a very nice love scene between Arlo and his chick; it wasn't graphic at all. There were bare limbs and backs. No breasts or pecs. Totally PG. Not even PG-13.

Wayne calls minutes after the scene and Maya wants to talk to him. She tells him: "Mommy and me are watching a movie with sex in it, and I don't like that part."


We ended up having a discussion about how sex is something that adults do when they feel very strongly about each other. When they love each other. She still thinks sex is gross, and I told her that's good because she's not an adult; sex is supposed to be gross when you're 6. Duh. I also reminded her that sex is how one conceives (makes) a baby. her reply: "oh, okay."

I figured we were done.

Several minutes later, she says: "So you had sex because you wanted me and Paige, and daddy had sex with Brittani's mommy so he could have Brittani, and two plus one is three, right?"

I answered yes to all of her questions.

The she said, "I'm going to write that down!" and she ran to her whiteboard. I was afraid of what she'd write. Was it going to be a 6-year-old's drawing of baby-makin' sex? I am not one to thwart creativity or inquisitiveness (unless it interrupts my movie!), so I allowed her to proceed to express our discussion on whiteboard. In purple pen.

Fortunately, she wrote 2+1=3.

My girl is going to be a mathematical genius.

OH! I forgot to mention that Arlo's wife has a youtube! It's kinda cool.

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