Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, this past weekend was memorial day weekend; I planned to continue reading Flags of Our Fathers in honor of the holiday, but I didn't pick it up once. Excellent book, but I just can't read lately.

Friday we went with Maya's class to NW Trek for an all day field trip. Northwest Trek is a standard field trip for this area. Wayne and I have each gone a ton of times with the older kids and at least three times with Maya, but it is still fun. Gorgeous day. Maya was map obsessed the entire time. She had to have a map in hand at all times, and she was constantly trying to navigate us in circles (wonder where she gets that?).
Like her shades? I think she looks like a Pink Lady.

We had such a treat this weekend-- Maya stayed with my parents Friday and Saturday night. This doesn't happen often-- maybe twice a year-- and she loves it.

Friday we watched a Masters of Horror flick, and it was laaame. Sick Girl. I think my expectations were too high.

Saturday we went to Folklife with Brittani.

International Fountain:

Good food at Folklife. Wayne eats from The Horn of Africa It appeared to be worth the 45minute wait in line.

Brittani also spent a lot of time in line...waiting for a henna tattoo.
Over an hour.
Folklife is really about waiting in lines.

Worth the wait?

Oh, and in case you didn't know:

We met up with our friend Dryke and his daughter Laura, who is just over a year old. Renae, mother of Laura and spouse to Dryke and friend of mine, had to work. We missed her. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.

Wayne is forever banned from taking pictures. See why:

But Laura seems to like hip hop. Really. She does.

More pictures:

After Folklife, we took Brittani to dinner at Bahama Breeze. She'd never been there before; she really liked it.

Sunday was chill. We made a really nice dinner (manicotti, my Bradley spinach salad and Commander's garlic bread). Hot tub with maya, who was ultra clingy because she missed us.

Monday we spend hundreds of dollars on paint. Yes, paint. Behr was having a rebate sale thing, so we bought 10 gallons of interior paint and 5 gallons of sealant for our deck and fence. That was one spendy trip to Home Depot. BUT... my family room-kitchen will be painted. I also bought a qt. of dark brown paint for the wart of a mantle that we have for our fireplace. I also got paint for the girls' bathroom. Now we will only need to paint the formal living-dining areas and the upstairs hallway (need to pick colors!) and our bedroom, for which we have the paint but not the time to slap it on the walls.

I will be painting the downstairs mostly myself, I think, because Wayne is occupied with his numerous jobs for sometime to come.

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