Wednesday, December 26, 2007

lots o' photos

We spent Christmas eve and morning at my parents' house, as usual.

My mom's table. It was all very lovely.

Wayne, Grandpa, Brittani and Maya wait for dinner.

My dad.


Maya and Heather--blurry, but I like it.

The companion to my white elf. This one is on my mom's tree.

One of the homemade ornaments from when we were kids.

Christmas Day!!!
The loot:

Dad looking groggy...

Aaron (my brother) isn't ready for the light.



Chaos ensues...

Maya really likes the American Girl doll that Nana sent her:

Wayne. Electronic Battleship.

Using my new toy (a tripod!).

Sofia, Heather and Ben (taken with my other new toy. speedlight)

My sister and nephew.




Paige and Ben.

Wayne and Aaron...Battleship is way high tech now.

It snowed (but didn't stick)

At my grandparents' house.

Paige. Eyes open. Talking.

Sofia and Maya with their new loot-- iPod shuffle for Sofia and
American Girl Doll (Nicki) for Maya.

Heather, Ben and Dad. Leapster.



Maya and Grandpa. Maya loves her animal books.

All in all, it was a great holiday!

Brittani got a new camera, and Paige got the 80GB iPod Classic. They were happy, though Paige got a Nano the night before from her dad. She's got a lot of iPods. I wish I had a picture of Brittani's face when she opened her camera. Priceless.
I got a tripod, speedlight, lenspen, two Rachael Ray cookbooks and The Kite Runner and a whole bunch of soaps from Bath and Body Works. From my parents I got jammies, a laptop case (so needed). Wayne and I also got $200 in Home Depot gift cards from his mom and my parents. Nice. My grandparents gave me a nice little angel statue for the garden.

We got Wayne Electronic Battleship, cologne, jammie pants and a new espresso machine. He's using the machine like crazy; I'm glad we got it for him. We got it the Sunday before Xmas; Maya and I left early to get to the mall by 7, but it wasn't open until 8. We were home by 9, and Wayne never knew we left. We got back in our jammies, and he didn't get up until 10:30. We felt so sneaky.


Shan said...

Great pictures and it looked like you all had a lovely Christmas!

natalie1981 said...

Hi. Was blog hopping when I came upon your blog. You have a beautiful family and that's a cool looking battleship--I'm into gadgets as you can glean from my blogs. I'm interested in exchanging links with your site from my blog: Pinoy Reviews. If you're interested, leave me a comment. Thanks and belated Happy Holidays.