Monday, January 14, 2008


Wayne, Maya and I just returned from our annual January trip to Leavenworth, and we had a great time, as usual.

We had plenty of time for lots of swimming, we went sledding on the hill in town, and we made our traditional trip to the bookstore in town, where Maya chose two books: Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones and Lucia and the Light, which I really wanted. The illustrations are beautiful and very evocative of the cold winter days. The main character is a very strong and brave little girl who does not rely on a male to protect or save her.

And Skippyjon Jones, if you haven't read any of the books, is a hilarious Siamese cat who pretends that he is a chihuahua. The first time I read a Skippyjon Jones book, I didn't know whether to laugh aloud or cringe. My less sophisticated self over-powered my politically correct self, so I laughed.

We came home yesterday, and it was a beautiful drive along Blewett Pass and Snoqualmie Pass. We decided to stop at Snoqualmie Falls on the way home, so Maya could see the falls. It was a lot busier than I expected, and the trail to the bottom was closed (bummer). I took some pictures, and we headed home.

We drove through Snoqualmie Ridge on our way to the falls. I'd never been there before; when I lived in the valley, the development was still being argued about. I have to say, the neighborhoods look very much like the one we live in, but the setting is spectacular. I feel a pull to the valley sometimes because it is so gorgeous, but I also feel that same pull to other beautiful places I've visited (Ashford; Belize) or lived (Steilacoom). Actually, I feel quite a strong pull to Halifax, too. It is my dream to live in Nova Scotia, but Wayne says I should at least visit first. I've had quite an infatuation with Canada for years and years now, but I don't think Wayne will ever want to take the leap across the border. I think it may not be as easy as I think it is for an American to move to Canada.

I have pictures of the weekend. Lots of pictures of Maya sledding.

I love the snow.

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