Tuesday, January 29, 2008

snow and a test

I am testing something Wayne told me I should use to blog.
It seems pretty cool so far, but I've yet to hit "publish."

It snowed yesterday, and we were lazy. Did not play in the snow. I love snow for it's ability to cancel school and cause life to come to a standstill. All for one inch or less of the stuff. Don't love the coldness and eventual wetness of it all.

We did miss a field trip yesterday because of the snow, though. Oh well. Maybe we'll visit the district's central kitchen (ew) another time.

Brittani is home from her extended stay at her mom's, if I haven't mentioned that.

Semester ends Friday.

Paige has her Winter Formal on Saturday.

Maya finishes swim this Thursday (yea!) and starts ice skating in two weeks (brrr). We go from barely being able to breathe at the pool (damn chlorine fumes) to freezing our heinies off at the skating rink.

February starts Friday and the countdown to B-day 37 will commence. Yes, I am getting older and older. I won't dwell on it...yet.

Test over. Please put your pencils down.

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