Monday, June 27, 2011

9 hours

I have nine hours without Maya today.
Never do I have that much time, uninterrupted, without my kid or my husband home.What will I do with my free time?

Clean, I am sure.  Or finish weeding the backyard.

We are having new floors installed in two weeks (omg!) throughout our downstairs, and getting everything off the floor and away is going to take some effort.  We are doing all the demo of the old floor ourselves, so as soon as my current class series ends next Tuesday (!!), we are going to start ripping up carpet, padding, vinyl and underlayment.

In other words, Wayne and I are going to be bitchier than usual at each other until about July 13th.

Last night we had a True Blood Season 4 Premiere Party at our house; we had our near and dears over, and it was a lot of fun.  Also this past weekend was a good friend's 2nd Annual Martini Party.  True to stereotype--yes, the one I tried to prevent myself from becoming (funny how that works)--I am currently in a tiff with another woman (or women) with whom I used to play Bunco.  We were all at the same martini party, but at some point they left early.  The mature strategy of one of the women is to completely pretend I am not where she may be or with whomever she's speaking.  It annoys and amuses me at the same time.  I feel like I am in 7th grade.  Sigh.  Well, she's a giant bitch anyway, and she is one of those people that everyone tolerates (why, exactly?) rather than enjoys being around (except that she is very amusing when she's drunk and has a propensity for flashing her newly purchased breasts).  It makes me so sad that that I have seriously become that suburban mom stereotype that I tried to resist (futilely, I guess).

Is this tiff (which I really think is serious enough to decide that I really don't want associate with the core group of women in that Bunco group) a sign that I need to get a fucking life?  I think so.

8 hours left; I better stop this rambliness and do something.


renae said...

Dear Lord, why did I not read your blog entry prior to the Fourth so we could endlessly hash through the Bunco drama? I have so many questions and so few solutions. Probably the best suggestion is to call them out on their behavior in a friendly way. It totally freaks people out because no one ever calls them out.

shan said...

Yes, I did some calling out. Not in a nice way but not in a bad way either--just very matter-of-factly, which is what I think pissed them off so much.