Monday, June 20, 2011

End of Days

Today was the last day of school for our only child who remains in the public school system.  It was a freaking roller coaster ride of a year, and I am glad it's over (though it is bittersweet).

If anyone ever believes that education is the one area safe from politicking, they are sadly mistaken.  This school year has taught me that the public education system is a mess beyond belief.  It's limping along well enough that, unless people look at it closely, it is not noticed what a wreck of a situation it has become.  I ended this year disgusted. I'm disappointed that we can't afford to send Maya to private school.

So now summer has begun, and we will be busy.  Camps, projects, concerts, math I'd like to incorporate weekly or biweekly hikes with Maya and some friends.  We'll see if I actually move forward with that plan.

Let's bring on the warm weather, shorts and tank tops.
Summer starts tomorrow!


Sus said...

I am glad to see I'm not the only one who has neglected their blog for the last 6 months. Crikey. I was really hoping to see some bunco rants on here! LMAO!

renae said...

You can always home school, which I've learned is no longer really "home" schooling. For a lot of people it's more like a la carte schooling, with more time at home.
I am thankful Dryke is happy to join the PTA next year. I'll be the wife who shows up randomly.

shan said...

Sigh. No Bunco rants here (yet). Maybe later.
Renae, I have been a PTA member since, oh, 1995, and I've been to exactly 1 PTA meeting, which was just this month. Events, though, are hard to get out of. Kid pressure.