Sunday, January 1, 2006


It's seemed so far away not so long ago. Damn.
Maya and I are alone tonight. Wayne worked his second job (double time for 31 hours); Paige is at a party; Britt is with her mom.

Maya and I went to see Harry Potter. Not bad.

DQ after that, for blizzards we barely touched.

As you can see, Maya is a par-tay animal!!

It was so funny: at midnight, our neighbors set off a cool firework display, so I grabbed her up off the couch and rushed outside with her a bit freaked out and wondering what the hell was going on. We came back in, watched a bit of the Space Needle show before she crashed again. I think we have sleeping Maya pictures for every new year since she was born.

Here's a picture from NYE 2003. She loves to sleep on the couch, let me tell ya!

Anyway, happy new year!! I'm going to go watch Six Feet Under....

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