Saturday, January 28, 2006

Playing catch-up

It's been thirteen days since I last posted. Oops.
It's been busy. Last weekend we went to Leavenworth. We go every January, and it is such fun! This year we took only Maya because Paige and Brittani decided we're boring. Actually, they decided that a long time ago.
We stay in a beautiful hotel there, in one of their suites. There's a bidet, which Maya is always fascinated by. I wonder whether a bidet is really all that sanitary. If someone poos, then rinses with the bidet, isn't all that fecal bacteria (including e. coli) in the bidet? Then someone comes along afterwards and rinses herself...couldn't that cause a UTI? Is it really better to bidet than to Charmin?
Well, regardless of the hygenic nature of the bidet, they are fun to play with. It's like a little fountain in the bathroom.
There's also a huge jacuzzi tub that we all love to play in. It's big enough for Maya to swim in! The beds are done in European style, so they claim. Pretty much a down comforter under us and on top of us with down pillows galore. It is so comfy and cozy! The bed has a wooden canopy with a mirror on the "ceiling" of it.
We went swimming a bunch (yes, I got into a swimsuit!), and we played in the snow a bunch. We all slept quite well that weekend; it's always so hard to come home.

We stopped by Renae and Dryke's on our way home. They are expecting their first baby in March, and she looks so good! I'd post a picture, but I don't have their permission. I would do it without her permission, but she'd scold me. Renae isn't a yeller; she's a scolder. Very calm about it usually. I swear it has more impact than yelling.

It was a quick visit because the Seahawks were playing for the NFC Championship. You know, a little game that could get them to the Super Bowl. We watched it on our new 61" HD TV. Wayne was so excited. And THEY WON! I say that with emphasis because it's unbelieveable that they actually pulled it off.

My grandma went in for surgery on her colon this week. She had a colonoscopy the week prior, and they found a mass in her colon. Gma has COPD and is on continuous O2, so we were worried about her getting off the vent after surgery. All was well, though, except they had her way too drugged. She can't tolerate a lot of meds, I guess. Her O2 levels were going down into the 70's, and she was having long periods of apnea (longer than 30 secs). Then the IV person had problems getting a line into gma for a blood transfusion. Wayne was all up in there (he's a nurse, works ICU alot, which is where gma was-- is), which I think only flustered the girl. She sucked though.
Now gma has an infection everywhere she's been cut or poked. She should get out of the ICU today and onto the med/surg floor. The tumor was malignant, and they've also found a weird spot on one of her lungs; she'll have a CT and biopsy later to see what it might be.

Some cool things happened this week:
Maya went off the diving board at swim lessons for the first time! She loved it! She finished another swim session, and all she has to do is swim on her back, and they will move her up to Level 3. Yea! You know, Megan Quann is from here. I told Wayne that Maya could be the next Hometown Girl Done Good. lol

Brittani tested for her yellow belt. I didn't get to go see her test, but Wayne said she was awesome. He took some pictures, and she looks pretty impressive!

Out of 165 pictures that he took, only about 13 turned out well. Bummer. And yes, she did break the board. She's a bad ass.

Paige has soccer try-outs beginning Monday. This weekend, she's at her dad's with some friends. They are going snowboarding today into the night.

End of semester is this week. The past two weeks have been homework hell for the kids. Finals and all.

I am hosting a Bradley® teachers meeting at my house tomorrow, which means I must clean today. And get foodstuff for little ones and grown-ups. I got another psychotic email from the crazy teacher in town. It made me laugh with the ridiculousness of it. I truly think she is quickly losing all grasp of reality.

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