Tuesday, January 2, 2007

happier newer year

Aren't we supposed to have flying cars, moving sidewalks and colonies on freaking Saturn by now?
Oh well.
Maybe next year.

Wayne worked all weekend, as he has the past three NYE. This year I decided I would party like a fool with our friends Renae and Dryke instead of sitting home with just Maya. Maya and I had a really good time with R&D, which is typical. Nothing terribly exciting ever happens. Alcohol. TV of some sort (Talladega Nights, this time). Talking. And so on. Usually we aren't able to spend the night at Renae & Dryke's because Wayne has a horrible allergy to cats. He can't breathe, he itches like crazy, and he is generally uncomfortable-- and this is when he takes his allergy meds, which he does every day (mostly) without fail. Rene and Dryke have a baby who is just the happiest cutest little girl ever! I really didn't think she cried, but then I accidentally woke her up (oops!), and she can cry. Loudly. With feeling.
I was quite impressed. It was good to have other adults around for the new year. We all went to bed at about 12:02am. Par-tay!

While I was hangin' with my homies, Paige was having an unsupervised get-together at our house. With my permission. I think it went well enough; I came home and the house was as clean as I left it, which is good. They drank a lot of energy drinks (those things are so damn nasty!) and were up until around 5am. I think she maybe had 6 people over-- three stayed the night.

Brittani has a new BF. I guess she's going to have him over here next weekend so he can run the gauntlet. Not really. Wayne is so funny-- he gets all tense as soon as she mentions the word "boyfriend." It amuses me. I'm okay with boyfriends; I don't like "relationships." As long as she dumps him (she dumping him-- very important for her self-esteem) before they reach the 6-week mark, I won't worry.

Shit. I have stuff to do today. Boring hausfrau stuff:
  1. grocery shopping
  2. volunteering @ the school
  3. I really need to see the chiro or I am going to freaking collapse
  4. soccer banquet stuff (coaches gifts, trophies, burning pictures onto discs for the girls)
  5. And most importantly: go to the liquor store. I am out of Amaretto.
Happy 2007 to everyone!

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