Thursday, January 25, 2007

new bed

Wayne and I are getting a new bed. Brand new. KING size. Yeah, baby.

We went mattress hopping last weekend at Costco, which was kind of weird, and we decided to get a Stearns and Foster mattress that is Mama Bear soft. Wayne would have preferred a firmer mattress, but he is humoring me on this one.

I insist on new sheets that are a decent thread count. I actually learned a bit about thread count; bigger isn't always better-- especially when talking thread count. We have really nice sheets right now that are probably 400-500 TC. They have to be the best sheets I have ever slept on.

The bed should be here any time between 2 days and five days. I can't wait!

We took Paige and Brian to the G Love concert on Tuesday at the showbox. Wayne and I were going to have dinner at the Crab Pot, but it closed too early. Paige was confused about what time the concert strted, so we were actually in Seattle about 2 hours too early. We sat in St. Arbucks and chatted (me, Wayne, Brian, and Paige) while a homeless man, who I thought was on a cellphone, was really interjecting into our conversation the whole time. Finally we dropped the kids off and we dined at Chandlers. It. Was. So. Good.

Wayne has eaten there many times, but I don't get out to the Big City very often anymore. Wayne is only there daily.

After dinner, which included three (?) lemon drops, we walked to some bar where i had at least three, maybe foure, more lemon drops. I love lemon drops.

I was pretty shitfaced by the time we picked Paige and Brian up from the concert. I dealt with a kiler hangover the next day. KILLER. I do not metabolize my liquor as well at almost-36 y.o. as I did at, say, 28 y.o.

Okay, I have to go snuggle wit mah man.

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