Wednesday, May 16, 2007

dude, I rock

My full time job is being a mom, which is a career choice that isn't largely respected. I am taken for granted, just as many moms are taken for granted by those close to them. I think my husband absolutely admires what I do for our family, and he is always quick to compliment me on what an awesome woman I am as well as a great mom and perfect wife :-) Not perfect like June Cleaver or her more contemporary example, Bree Van de Camp, but our family's loosely defined version of perfect.

It's really not all that often that I get positive feedback from the people around me about my job performance. I don't get annual reviews or raises (or paid, period); I don't earn incentives or financial bonuses. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if I am doing okay. The big review will be if my kids grow up to be contributing members of society who are happy and healthy in body, mind and soul. That review is a few years in my future.

My other job, which is very part-time, is as a Bradley Method Natural Childbirth Educator and Doula. I thoroughly enjoy it, and it allows me to have contact with young couples who are, most often, just beginning their families. They have a huge impact on me and my family just by being present in my home one night a week for twelve weeks. They spend about thirty hours learning how to give birth without unnecessary medications and interventions; they learn how to be positive and optimistic about childbirth, which is generally an event which is surrounded by negativity-- until the baby is finally in arms. Labor is simply seen as a horrible experience that only the foolish endure. They spend time focusing on this one short moment of time, which can have a huge effect on the lives of their babies.

Last week I was teaching class 6, which is all about 2nd and 3rd stages of labor. I was having a really off night, and two of my couples did not show up for class. It was just a weird night. I didn't feel as though I taught the material well, and I felt crappy about it all week long.

This Monday I was feeling very "on" again, even though the same two couples did not show up for class (ugh). I apologized to my class for the previous week's poorly taught class, and they all said they didn't notice I was at all off. I have a coach and mom pair in class who are mother and daughter. The mom used to teach Bradley in the 1970s into the 1980s, and she said I am the best Bradley teacher she has seen, and she has observed many teachers.

Her daughter insisted that she speaks highly of my teaching skills even when I am not around to hear it.

They really made my night. This is an interesting class because it is comprised of a former Bradley teacher and her daughter (the daughter's DH is at sea with the Navy), another Bradley teacher's daughter and her DH, two former classmates' referrals and one couple who have friends who took another ex-Bradley teacher's classes, but she's no longer teaching, so they are taking my class. Like, this a real "the pressure's on" kind of class. I have some new things I'm trying, and they seem receptive.

Oh, and the first birth from my previous class occurred kast week. One week ago. Waterbirth at the birthing inn in Tacoma with a midwife who has always been really great to my students. It's always a huge relief when my students choose her as their care provider (along with a handful of other LMs who I think totally rock).

Um, oh another reason I rock (this blog has taken me 4 days to compose): my awesome baking skills. I made caramel brownies using a recipe I found online. Delicious. Maya's Daisy troop decided to have a lemonade stand to earn money for their bridging ceremony. We made baked goods to sell with the lemonade. The girls earned at least $100. Amazing.

Now I am off to catch up on Heroes.