Monday, May 7, 2007

boggy uterus

I had my first pelvic/pap in years today. I think it's been two years. maybe three.
I went to a DO, and she is okay. She is not nearly as thorough in her care as the midwives I've seen inthe past. I think I need to go ahead and find a ND or go back to the midwife I saw years ago.

First of all, the room where I was examined was freaking freezing. Like, goosebumpy and nipply cold, which is so wrong. The exam room should be, at the very least, warm. She has Gardasil stuff all over the dang room. It's a bit much.

Although, she did use an actual cloth hospital gown instead of a paper gown and a cotton sheet as the lap cover instead of a paper sheet. Not quite as nice as the fluffy warmed towels that the midwife uses for her pelvic exams, but better than paper.

The Dr says I have a boggy uterus, and she wants me to have a transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound. I've never had a transvag u/s and hoped to get through my life without one. I have a history of fibroids that are just there with no real effect, but she thinks that may be what is causing my werid periods.

I told Wayne that I am at that useless uterus age, which means that I am done having children, so why not just have the damn uterus taken out. The uterus becomes a disposable organ, but that is not how I see it at all. I like having my uterus, even if it is a bit erratic.

I have to admit that I am suspicious of any Dr who only spends 5-10 minutes examining me. I didn't make the appt for the u/s yet. I am on the fence about it. I might not get it done; sometimes more information isn't the best thing.

I have to clean the house now. Class tonight.


Renae said...

Yeah... I advise against removing the uterus.

Anonymous said...
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