Saturday, October 20, 2007


I've been doing a lot of shopping online this past week. Well, a lot for me.
First I bought this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love it.

I bought this to keep it safely around my neck:

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She has some really cool camera straps at her site. I also looked at camera straps at this other site, but they aren't quite as bright and, well, funky as I wanted. I really wanted this one:

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but I was afraid that it was so busy that I would get sick of it.

I also bought Maya's Halloween costume online. Twice.

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One should be here Tuesday, and the other one should be canceled, but if not, I hope it gets here before the 30th, so I can actually return it. Otherwise, I guess I hold onto it until next Halloween?

Hm. I think that's all I've ordered online this week.

Today has been so blah.

Maya was up with the pukes last night. She woke up at 2:45 all burpy (she was in bed with us last night), and I made her go to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and wouldn't move. I finally got her off the toilet and on the side of the tub, when all of a sudden, she let it go. Wayne had to work this a.m., so I didn't wake him. It was fettuccine alfredo puke, and that is not a pleasant puke. Ew.

After an hour, I finally got her back to bed. Then Wayne left. He slept soundly through her retching.

Maya never changed out of her jammies today. I put on my painting clothes. It's been raining and gray all day, but I love these days. The only thing that would make it better is having my new candles burning (but I won't waste them on just me) and Wayne here to rub my back. And to help clean up any upcoming puke episodes.

Painting is going quite slowly. I'm dealing with painting three different colors in one room, and I have to wait some time between each coat and each color. I think I'm supposed to wait 24 hours between coats and colors, but I don't have that kind of time. I have class on Monday, and I think my sister and I are taking the kids to see The Nightmare Before Christmas tomorrow. I've been waiting more like 2 hours between coats.

This is so dull. This blog is clear evidence of how dull and blah my day has been. ick.

In two weeks, I will be elsewhere. Is it NaBloPoMo again this November? It is! Which means I'll be posting like this again.

I failed miserably at NaBloPoMo last year; blogging daily is not an easy task, especially when one has other things going on. You know, like a life. I will strive for success, though.


Wayne and I went to a movie yesterday while the kids were in school. Gone Baby Gone. It was about 5 minutes into the previews when we actually walked into the theater, and I was really surprised to walk into the theater and see it full of old people.

Wow. What a great movie. I cried at least four times during the movie. I left the movie wondering what I would do, if I were in the same situation(s) as the main character, Patrick (played by Casey Affleck, who looks nothing much like his brother Ben but who sounds just like him). Ben Affleck did a great job with the movie, and I hope he gets an Oscar nomination.

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