Friday, October 5, 2007

randomly speaking

or something like that.

  • I want a new camera. My camera is awesome and is in excellent condition, but I like the newer Canon Rebel XTi. I think I'm going to try to sell my camera, the 18-55mm lens and the bag for, like, $400-$500. I'll just turn that money around to get the XTi.
  • I got a new computer. My notebook, which was a hand-me-down from Wayne, flipped out the other day. He came home from work and surprised me with a new notebook computer. It's pretty basic, but I don't need much. It's nice that it turns on when it's supposed to and it is pretty quick to respond. Plus, I can consider it a business expense.
  • I found a Home Depot gift card from last Christmas (or maybe even from the Christmas before!) tucked away in my camera bag. We stopped at HD today to see how much was on the card--$150!!! Wow. I am so glad we found it! We bought paint for the dining room and all the stuff that goes with that task (tape, liners, pour top, new brushes and rollers) along with new towel racks and a new toilet paper holder for the girls' bathroom. Our whole house is closer and closer to being fully painted.
  • Maya has camp for three hours tomorrow and a birthday party tomorrow, which is great because I have a class starting on Monday and I haven't really organized my materials yet. They are all pretty much together, but I like to go through it all just to make sure they are uniform and complete. I have four couples beginning on Monday, so I have one opening still. We have two new teachers in Tacoma, so I am trying to push some students their way; they need to teach two full series of classes (24 classes) before they can take their final exam and become affiliated. I know one teacher has at least 1-3 couples, and I am trying to get the other teacher the same number of students--at least.
  • I got together with three other Bradley teachers yesterday just to chit-chat. It was fun. I feel so isolated lately, so it's good that we have some new teachers to hang with. I wish Jen would start teaching again, but I know she has a lot on her plate. Our old colleague, we found out, is going on trial soon for felony harassment. The old colleague that harassed Jen to no end and who threatened to sue me and take my house. Yeah, no tears shed over that one. Strangely, though, my old Bradley teacher called and left a message at my house during the same time I was meeting with the current teachers. She sells real estate now, so I'm guessing she was putting her feelers out for some business.
  • Homecoming is happening in the next few weeks. I think Britt's is next week and Paige's is the week after. Last I heard, they were each planning on attending homecoming.
  • I seriously think I need to get a job. Car payments and AmEx stress me out to no end, and I'd really like to take a vacation someday. Even if I work part-time at minimum wage (or just above), it would be extra money to pay off our damn bills.
Okay, I've been watching some new TV, but I'm trying to not be consumed by it. My opinions:
  • Chuck: Hilarious. He's adorable. His friend Morgan is adorable. The plot is creative and the writing is witty. I like it. A lot. (NBC Mondays 8pm)
  • The Big Bang Theory: Hil-air-eee-us. Johnny Galecki is Darlene's BF from Roseanne. He hasn't aged. He's perfectly nerdy, and he reminds me of a younger, smaller Wayne. I'm going to see how long they play out the "pining for his hot neighbor" angle. (CBS Mondays 8:30)
  • Journeyman:I like it. It' s an hour long drama, and it's kind of Quantum Leap-ish, which is a compliment. It also reminds me of The Time Traveler's Wife. (NBC Mondays 10pm)
  • Reaper: The pilot was directed by Kevin Smith, and you really could tell. It was so unique, and the actors have great comedic chemistry. I have high hopes for this one. (CW Tuesdays 9pm)
  • Pushing Daisies: Man has ability to undead the dead...but if they remain undead for more than a minute another living thing must die instead. Oh, and he can never again touch the revitalized, for instant death will occur. This can be a handy skill. This show is wonderfully creative, vibrant and funny. (ABC Wednesdays 8pm)
  • Kid Nation: Another reality show. I can take it or leave it. Maya likes it, and apparently the kids at school talk about it a lot. (CBS Wednesdays 8pm)
  • Big Shots: Dylan McDermott (The Practice), Michael Vartan (Alias), Christopher Titus (Titus) and some guy I've never heard of (Josh Malina) play what Wayne refers to as the male version of Desperate Housewives. It also reminds me of a grown-up version of The O.C. It's drama. It's funny. It's at times uncomfortable (like the Brazilian ball waxing this week...I laughed so hard I hurt). Of course, I think it's awesome. (ABC Thursdays 10pm)
There are some new shows that I don't watch but Wayne or the girls like (Bionic Woman; Gossip Girl; Private Practice), and I still have to watch Dirty Sexy Money, but Paige says it's really good.


Anonymous said...

First you had Darlene's boyfriend on The Big Bang Theory, and starting Monday you have Darlene. Sara Gilbert joins the cast of The Big Bang Theory this Monday October 8, and will play the love interest of Johnny Galecki. This should be a real interesting reunion. Can't wait.

Ryler32 said...

You can see this week's preview from CBS featuring Sara Gilbert (Darlene from Roseanne) playing Johnny Galecki's (David from Roseanne) love interest. See here to see the video preview :

Shan said...

I love Dirty Sexy Money. Awesome show.