Saturday, April 28, 2007

sucked in

Wayne has begun listening to Kevin Smith's Podcast. He was listening to it while we were getting ready for the day yesterday, and though it was definitely an adult podcast (def. don't need Maya listening to it-- not like TAL podcasts.), it funny. and uncomfortable at times.

As a result of listening to the podcast, I was compelled to check out his blog. Wow.

Now, for anyone who isn't familiar with Kevin Smith, he wrote, directed and acted in one of my all time top five movies: "Clerks." If you have never seen this movie, don't bother netflixing it or renting it through some video store. Just go buy it. You won't regret it. Other Kevin Smith flicks worth owning: Chasing Amy. Mallrats. Both of those movies star Jason Lee and Ben Affleck. I adored Jason Lee from the time I saw him in Kevin Smith's movies. He is awesome.

I also liked Dogma, but it was a little ridiculous. I feel an obligation, on some levels, to like Smith's movies. Like, if Dogma was written and directed by anyone else, I probably would have hated it. I did fall asleep during Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Wayne said it was funny, though.

I am, however, one of only a few people who loved, loved, loved Jersey Girl. I loved the characters, the story. It was a wonderful movie, but it did lean towards being a chick flick, which is a genre I happen to enjoy.

Anyway, I happen across Kevin Smith's Blog yesterday and get completely sucked in. I go all the way back to where he began blogging in 2005. They are, by and large, quite funny. He blogs about shitting in the morning, hemmorrhoids/anal fissures, sex with his wife (I would kill my husband if he posted online in detail about our sex life) and of course, his kid, his movies, his friends, his life as it is.

I get to a point last night in his blog where he starts writing about his friend Jason's drug addiction and path to recovery.

Jason Mewes is a dude who stars as Jay in most of Smith's movies. He's guy who knew Smith before he was a Big Hollywood Director (one thing can be said abour Smith: he is loyal to his friends and family), and he stars in most of Smith's movies as Jay. Hilarious.

So I get to these blog entries and I am absolutely captivated. The posts were so damn funny and so heartbreaking at the same time. They were retrospective, so Mewes was already sober for three years by the time Smith posted the blogs. Really, he needs to write a book.

I was up until 2:45 this morning reading, and I finally had to make myself put my laptop away. I finished it up this morning. Read it starting right here.

I was ready to cry reading it, and then he wrote about the death of his father. Ugh. Now I am at the end of the Mewes stuff and I'm starting on how he came to meet and marry his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach. I love how Smith blogs about things that are so...normal. I mean, there is weird shit involved, for sure, but he has a way of making the blogs look like just a day in the life of Joe Down the Road.

Read his blog. You'll like it. Definitely go through the archives, though, because that's where the meat is. I have no idea what his most recent blog entries are like--especially now that he has the podcast. Just make sure you set aside some time because you, too, will likely get sucked in.


Domestic Slackstress said...

Cool. I'd definitely have to check it out. Oh, and thanks for the link-age. I'll be baaaack.

Shan said...

Oh I love Kevin Smith and am totally addicted to his blog. And loved Jason Lee since seeing him in Mallrats too.