Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Beach House

We got our beach house-- for a week anyway. My mom asked if we bought one. yeah, we just plopped down several hundreds of dollars for a house that we'll visit once every five or so years. I wish!

Anyway, it's called The Beach House-- how appropriate! You've got to try the Virtual Tour. the virtual tour of the front porch sold me instantly. Wayne says it's actually more ideal to be a little off the beach with a boardwalk that leads to the beach, but I want to be on the beach, dammit! So we are. He's happy with it, too.

My class started this week, and it was so great! Five couples, which is a full class. Then I got a call from Wayne's ex-wife yesterday. She gave my name to a lady she works with who is due in June. Well, late June can take my April class, but early June is kinda screwed. I am full, and there really aren't any other affiliated teachers teaching around here right now. I tell her to have her friend call me. Friend calls me, and not only had ex-wife given her my name but another woman who used to teach Bradley® gave her my name. I decided to take her. She also lives just a a little ways from me, like less than two miles. So now I have six couples: twelve grown people and six buns in the oven. I have no idea where I'm going to put them all.

I have some really great ideas for this class; I'm excited to change it up a bit.

Oh, and from my past classes, almost everyone is pregnant again or has recently given birth. It's an awesome thing, teaching these classes and working as a doula. I never thought it would be this good!

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