Monday, January 9, 2006


Wayne has a second job, and the lady who does the scheduling is scheduling through summer into September. Do you know how hard it is to figure out work days (24-hr shifts) for, say, July while we're still in January? Once the dates are set, there is no calling-in. No sick leave. If you call-in, you get fired, so we have to be really certain about his days.

I told him we have to do a vacation this year. Last year was difficult because we did our wedding trip and cruise in November 2004, so summer 2005 was pretty much a bust. Well, that and he started a new primary job and the second job was new.

This year we decided to go see his family is South Carolina, where he is from, because we haven't been there since 2001. He was there when his grandmomma died a few years ago and when his baby brother got married in April '05 (divorce proceedings are already underway). It's good for him to go home to just chill and visit with everyone. They're a good bunch of people.

We'll spend 5 or so days with his family and then we'll rent a beach house for a week. There are three that I've fallen in love with, and they are all right on the beach. Like, ten steps out the back door and you're at the water's edge. It is beautiful there, too. Not like the beaches here. There the sand is white; the water is blue. It's warm.

I can't wait!

I start class tonight, so I have to go run and finish the last details...

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