Tuesday, April 10, 2007

booted from the cool clique


I am sorta sad.

We did not get into the co-op for next year; Maya will be in with the General Population for first grade. No longer are we a part of the Elite Co-op. We are, however, number NINE on the wait list.

Really, we are happy (kinda) in or out of the co-op. "In the co-op" is a really awesome learning environment for the kids: lots of fields trips; smaller class sizes; multi-age class; classmates who remain with you throughout elementary school (til 6th grade!). Very sweet. Plus, it's where the cool hang out.

"Out of the co-op" means Maya will attend a brand-spankin' new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art school within walking distance. So cool. But... I would still prefer the co-op. Even if it is located within a several decades old school that is in desperate need of, well, demolition.

I guess if the school bond passes, the district may open up more co-op classrooms because the waitlist is long enough to accommodate another entire class filled to capacity for each grade. awesome. If the bond fails, full day kindergarten is getting cut and the co-op's existence is in jeopardy, I heard through the grapevine, which is sad because the co-op model, IMO, should be the standard for education in our communities. So there.

Really, none of this matters to any of you. I know what really matters:

LARRY BIRKHEAD IS THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF DANNIELYNN HOPE! Who is happy? I am happy! I have no fucking idea why I am happy, but I am. They sucked me in, they did, with their 24-hour Anna Nicole news coverage. Damn CNN and CourtTV.

Oh, what else...
Family Meeting #3 went well. Kids actually did their chores today and came up with a reasonable consequence for when they do not do their chores. I am happy; they are happy. Paige still wishes we would just tell her what to do, so she doesn't have to figure it out.

We also decided to take a weekend and head to Silverwood! Our parenting class facilitator told us to plan something fun at our family meeting, so Silverwood is the rough plan for the short term, and Mexico is my next year goal for vacation. Originally I wanted to go to Cancun, but I think we have to stay west. Closer = Cheaper. Anyway, I think she was thinking along the lines of taking a bike ride together or watching a movie, but whatever.

I feel optimistic about this week. I am confident that chores will be done daily by the older two; Maya has done really well, but that's because we're still training her. The older two have 14 & 16 years of bad habits to break. Totally our fault, though.

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