Sunday, April 15, 2007


I want a new house. I think.

We have lived here for four years, and we plan(ned) to live here until Maya graduates from high school, at which time we would buy a super-nice house with some property; the house would be smaller than what we have now, have a more open floorplan, fewer bedrooms but with dedicated office/den space.

As I mentioned some time ago, a friend recently bought this house that I instantly fell in love with. Head over heels.

Then i went to Maya's friend's house this past weekend (another friend). I've been to their house several times but never in their back yard. I loved their backyard.
So between the one friend's awesome new house and the other friend's awesome backyard, I am getting an itch to upgrade.

I think moving must be like childbirth-- after time you forget how painful it is. Actually, I would prefer to give birth over moving my family. Again. But, I really, really, really would like to look into something different.

I found a house in the same neighborhood as the friend with the amazing yard, which I think we could afford. It wouldn't mess with the kids' school, except Brittani would end up having to go to the newer high school rather than the larger, older high school. Paige was already planning on going to the newer high school next year, anyway. Maya would be going to a newly built school, too, since she didn't get into the damn co-op.

The other house I found, that I fell in love with, is completely across town. The kids home high school would remain the same as it is now, but Paige could still drive herself to the newer high school, as planned. The elementary school is older, but it is a fine school that doesn't have the same overcrowding issues that the other schools in our district have.

I really feel like putting out our feelers to see what we could afford and all that. It's just always so damn stressful and intense.

I blame this all on Flip This House. Damn Montelongos. Armando, in the episode I watched today, was talking about buying houses, living in them for two years, selling and rebuying bigger, nicer houses.

It was like, wow, why hadn't I thought of that? I don't have to stay here for 14 more years! I can sell and possibly keep our mortgage payment about the same. It's not like we'd be starting with zero down and all that.

I think I'm onto something.

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Shan said...

We're planning on staying here for a while too, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about large master bedrooms with ensuite, a finished basement, bigger rooms for the kids and so on. I'm with you, I blame Flip That House, House Hunters and Moving up.