Monday, April 9, 2007

childbirth class spring 2007

I started a new class tonight.

I was full--five couples--until 6:25, which is five minutes before class begins.
So frustrating.

I actually turned away three couples in the past week, and now I am short a couple.
The couple who decided to not attend is an active duty military couple; this is her third baby and their second together. He was deployed during her last pregnancy and missed the birth of their child. She took a Bradley class and had someone else as her coach.

She was so excited to have her DH attend class with her this time, but he apparently doesn't want to come. She called me right when class was beginning (students were arriving!), and she said he was concerned about the cost. They already received a military discount ($30), but I was willing to drop it further, decrease the deposit and accept payments. He was in the room with his wife while she was on the phone with me, and when she would ask him a question, he would ignore her.

I told her, "I can't make him come to class..." It sounded like it was more than a money issue; she sounded quite upset with him. I was bummed for her; she was really excited to experience this class with him.

The rest of my class is awesome. I am excited! One of the couples are friends with another couple who adored to great lengths another teacher who was in this area for years; she was my mentor for awhile. She was great when she was great, but when she was wacky, she was intolerable. She ended up being removed from Bradley due to not conforming to their requirements, and she has had a ton of personal problems since then. It's quite sad because she was such a passionate teacher. I learned a lot from her (what NOT to do as well as what to do). Anyway, so I was a bit nervous about that couple, but they seem so excited about the information; actually, this whole class seemed very grateful for the information.

I added a summer series to my schedule; I haven't taught a summer series in three years. I am the only Bradley teacher in my area right now, and tonight I heard that a Bradley teacher a bit further north is letting her certification lapse, so she can teach a Xtian based childbirth class. If I can't fill the summer series, I will cancel it. I'm thinking about teaching Saturdays instead of Mondays--at least for summer.

I'm itching to work a birth, but childcare has been such a challenge. I'd love to be able to take Maya with me, but I think that would weird out my students/clients. Maya would dig it, though. I have three people who want to hire me as a doula, but I simply cannot make it work-- not with Wayne's work schedule and the older kids' schedule. I feel so stuck. Births keep me excited about teaching and give me new information for my students. Attending births keeps a childbirth educator...relevant. Hm. That doesn't seem like the right word, but it's the one that popped in my head.

Easter was nice this year. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Saturday we saw Meet The Robinsons in Disney Digital 3D. Impressive. It was spendy ($9 for child's matinee ticket and $9.50 for adult matinee!), but so worth it. Highly, highly recommended. The 3D glasses are tres chic, too. Not those old blue and red lensed paper glasses. I felt like an honorary Blues Brother in the 3D shades.

Wayne is sick. Awful falafel, he's guessing. Alfalfa sprouts were on it; that is never a good thing. E.coli central, they are. Even though they taste so yummy.

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