Sunday, April 22, 2007


Not much to say, which explains the lack of blogging this week.

Easter happened a few weeks ago. I was going over my pics from easter, and I think this one is too cute:


Doesn't she look happy? I love the age she is at now; I know that in a few short years, she will hate me, so I have to just absorb these moments of joy when they come. Joy quickly turns to sullen at about age...10?

I am watching ER, and it is turning into a huge commercial for the HPV vaccine. Sometimes I hate ER.

Wayne and I went to Costco on Friday, and they were selling a ton of trees. We bought a bunch of thujas:

They aren't the most gorgeous of trees, but they are a good, lush barrier plant. We're going to plant them around the hot tub for some added privacy and greenery.

I would really like to have a landscaper come out and draw up some plans for our front and back yards. We'll do the labor, but i need someone creative to do the design. I actually studied lanscaping and horticulture for awhile, but it was so long ago; I just haven't retained any of it.

God, I am so not into this blogging thing right now.
I can't even gather my thoughts into cohesive paragraphs, which means I have no business aimlessly typing away to simply pass time.

Maybe I'll be better later this week.

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