Wednesday, August 8, 2007

bob rivers

Bob Rivers is a radio DJ here in Seattle, whom you may have heard of. He does song parodies and such. His radio show is really good, and Wayne loves all his song parodies. I'm not a big fan of song parodies. Like, they're okay once, but after that, I don't feel a need to listen again. I do love the radio show, though. I listen to the podcast, when I miss the live show. You can also get the podcasts through iTunes.

Bob Rivers also happens to be the most famous person for whom I ever babysat (lucky him). I babysat his two boys during the spring/summer of 1990. I was pregnant with Paige, and his wife thought I was just fat, which is hilarious because I only weighed 135 at term (August 17th) with Paige. I did have quite the gut, though. Ha!

They hired me because their younger kid went to the same daycare/preschool as two kids that I babysat regularly, and that mom (Darlene) gave Bob's wife (Lisa) my number. Darlene mentioned to her, after I babysat for Lisa on several occasions, that I was due to have a baby, and she told Darlene that she thought I was just fat. It still makes me laugh.

After I had Paige, I think my sister started babysitting for them, but I don't know how long that lasted.

He seems a lot nicer on the radio than he was in person. Not that he was mean or anything, but he wasn't very friendly or talkative. Lisa was pretty cool, though. Bob was also a horrible driver. He would drive me home after I babysat, and it seemed he was always listening to the Mariners. He was a very jerky, lurchy.

Anyway, all that to get to this video for Bob Rivers' song parody of "Hey There Delilah," which is called "Hey There Chlamydia," which was directed by his eldest son. It's so funny, and I could actually listen to this one more than once and laugh every time.

Hey There Chlamydia

Hey There Delilah

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