Saturday, August 4, 2007

fun stuff

what have I been up to the past few week?

Wayne's cousin came out from South Carolina for 10 days. She's 15. It was a blast! I thought so, anyway. I really hope she had fun.

So we were tourists in Seattle, which was cool. I've never really done that before.
Pike Place Market and Argosy Cruise

Ocean Shores (crappy, cold weather and brown water--not the kind of "beach" you take someone from South Carolina to)

Seattle Center and The Ducks

We also celebrated Brittani's FIFTEENTH birthday. She had a party here at the house with a bunch of her friends. They hung out in the hot tub and the pool (freaking COLD!), ate chocolate fondue and seemed to a good time.

Mariner's Game

And then she went back home, Maya had the pukes for two days, my niece and nephew were here for a couple of days, then last night we went to The Rainforest Cafe to celebrate a friend's birthday. It has been a busy but fun few weeks.
I hope next week is chill...

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