Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am so lame. When did I blog last, like, a week ago?

I just dropped my beloved Odyssey off at a collision center because the rear bumper is scratched up from a minor collision. The van was backed out of the driveway and into one of my students' cars. Nice. Their vehicle sustained more damage than mine, and I felt awful. They were really awesome about it, though. They're a really cool couple.

So, the insurance company has been awesome. I have to give mad props to Progressive for actually taking our hundreds of dollars every month and creating a very supportive claim system. I drop the van off, there is a woman from Enterprise waiting for me because sh is delivering a rental vehicle. I do a walk-around the rental and then a walk-around my van, and I am outta there. 15 minutes, and I was on the road. Amazing. Simply.

Whenever Wayne has been in accidents (and there have been several), it was always a pain in the ass to coordinate the rental car and the repair stuff. We've always been with progressive, but I think they have made some improvements in their service since Wayne's last accident, which was probably 5 years ago.

I am, however, stuck with a most hideous vehicle. I am almost embarrassed to drive it, but I don't want to go throughthe hassle of trading for something else. The woman seemed very pleased to be able to offer me the HHR when I was supposed to get a Malibu. No big love for either of those vehicles, to be honest. I am most definitely a lover of Japanese cars.

We went to The Shins concert on Sunday night; I love them. It was so much fun, but I would really love to see the play in, like, a bar or something. They are such a great band for intimate shows. On the way to the concert, I saw Dave Hernandez (I swear it was him) leaving Dragonfish.

Tuesday Paige and some friends went to Easy Street in Seattle to see an in-store performance by The Shins. Paige was given the setlist by James Mercer, which is very exciting. She bought a VINYL of Chutes Too Narrow. I think that is her first real album. She has some decent video that I'll put up once i find out where she uploaded it. She said the event was amazing. I'm glad I let her skip school for it :-)

Sasquatch line up was announced on Tuesday, as well. It looks okay-- not as impressive as last year, but it does look good. I want to go, but i think Wayne is less enthusiastic. I reserved three hotel rooms just in case. It was so much fun last year.

Anyway, I have a strong feeling my computer is about to CRASH, so I am getting off of here.

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